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How GST will change your online shopping experience from July 1

How GST will change your online shopping experience from July 1

With less than a week left for the rollout of Goods and Services Tax (GST), e-commerce retailers are trying their best to finish their pending stock. They are luring in customers by giving discount offers ranging from 25 per cent to 90 per cent.

But that’s going to change after July 1 when the GST comes into force. Most of your online shopping will get expensive after the GST. Here’s how:

Tax collected at source
Currently, e-commerce websites do not collect tax in any form. Under the GST, they will collect tax at a fixed rate of 1 per cent while paying to the sellers listed on their websites. This is likely to impact prices and make your online shopping more expensive. Though, the move has been deferred, it is likely to come in force at a later date.

Faster delivery
Under the GST, your goods will reach you faster as the retailers will not have to file a separate paperwork for each state. Currently, for example, if your seller is in Bangalore and you are based in Delhi, your seller will file a separate bill for logistics, another one for the state tax, etc. Under the GST, the extra paperwork imposed by states will end and make deliveries faster.

The end of freebies and discounts?
Used to mega discounts and freebies? There may not be many in future because they will attract an additional tax. Also, since an e-commerce company will have to pay the tax on the price it has purchased the goods from the supplier, it will not be worth its while to offer discount in many cases.

Shopping from global players
If you shop from portals like and, they transact in foreign currency. The government has yet to come up with clarification of rules for such operators.

Returns and cancellations will get difficult
Returns and cancellations are going to face challenges. E-commerce companies have a return or cancellation rate of nearly 18%. While collecting tax at source, e-commerce companies will have to bear the tax amount on their own and only later get refund from the government in case of returns and cancellations. The companies will face a major cash-flow disadvantage due to returns and cancellations.

Invertase Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2027

Invertase Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2027

Enzymes are complex molecules that act as bio-catalyst to enhance the metabolic reactions in living cells. Invertase, which is also known as beta-fructofuranosidase is a carbohydrate enzymes that helps in digestion. Invertase is obtained from strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, also known as baker’s yeast. Invertase helps to split sucrose into two components, fructose and glucose. It can be used in combination with other enzymes or individually after its purification process. When in combination, it helps to improve the digestion of sugar, starch and other form of carbohydrates. It is abundantly available either form microorganisms or plant source. Invertase offers widespread application. It not only helps to boost the immune function and act as antioxidant in humans but also helps to regulate the osmosis and defence mechanism in plants. Moreover, being naturally-obtained, it is preferred choice among the food manufacturers to serve natural ingredient in the food preparation.

Global Invertase Market: Drivers and Restraints

Breakthrough progress has been made in enhancing the functional analysis of the various enzymes and their characteristics. Thus supporting the growth for invertase market. Invertase is widely used as food additive and is frequently used as invert sugar in the processing of candies and commercial baking due to its ability to hold moisture for prolonged period of time. Being hygroscopic in nature it is further used in the production of crystallisable syrup known as invert syrup. Furthermore, invertase helps in the production of alcohols, glycerol and lactic acid as it aids in the fermentation process of the sucrose. Hence, with rising demand for innovative products among the consumers, particularly related to food & beverages industry, the market for invertase enzyme seems to record opportunistic growth. Apart from these application, invertase is also used to improve the digestion, rejuvenate the immune system, provides antioxidant support and helps to combat cancer. Moreover, invertase has the ability to remain active within wide range of pH. Thereby, increases its applicability in the pharmaceutical industries. Hence, widespread applications contributes to the significant growth of the invertase market.

Rely On the Online Sources for Ultimate Team Needs

Rely On the Online Sources for Ultimate Team Needs

When it comes to online games, there are quite a number of things that attract the gaming enthusiasts starting from the appealing graphics to their similarity to the online games. However, one feature that engages both the active players as well as the beginners is the gaming coins. With the inclusion of these coins, the demand for the online games has proliferated to a great extent.

With the greater craze for these games, the game developers are focusing more on coming up with innovative features and advanced versions to draw more and more players. Coming back to the gaming currencies, this feature is indeed the driving point for the active gaming enthusiasts. The greater interest in acquiring these coins has led to the foundation of varied online stores that have come up these days to help the players with their team needs. These stores come with wide-ranging coins starting from HUT coins, FIFA coins, MUT coins and lot more. If you’re keen to enhance your stock of gaming coins, opt for a reputed online store.

The advantages of acquiring coins from online stores

Online stores are considered as the ultimate sources for gaining maximum gaming coins. Though you can get a number of options when selecting an online source, it is highly essential to research well as there are certain stores that provide quite inferior services. If you’re keen to reap out maximum benefits, select a reputable store. Some of the many benefits that you can get when relying on one of these trusted sources are:

• Best prices

The online sources mostly provide the currencies at affordable rates. Hence, these sources are best for procuring an abundant number of currencies within the budget.

• Fast

These sources offer safe deliveries within the stipulated time. You just need to order the type and quantity of the currency and wait for the items to reach your doorstep in no time.

• Reliable

These currencies never disclose any personal information of the buyers. They help the gamers readily with their queries via emails or live chats. The stores mostly focus on client satisfaction. They make sure that the orders are completed in accordance with the delivery guidelines.

The other source from where you can acquire varied currencies starting from NHL coins to HUT coins are auction houses. Varied players come together in these sources and conduct trades. Not just coins, auction houses even enable the players to gain different gaming accessories like badges, the trophies or even players. Whether you choose the online sources or rely on the auction houses, make sure that the source is trusted.

Be a Part of Hampton, VA Real Estate History

Be a Part of Hampton, VA Real Estate History

Welcome to the Mermaid House; one of Hampton, Virginia’s most historic homes! The “Mermaid House” is a remarkable Queen Anne Victorian style home built between 1895 and 1900. Part of the Victoria Boulevard Historic District, or Darling’s “Little England,” it boasts 3-stories, a classic weatherboard and shingle wood frame, a 3-bay porch with Tuscan columns, a turret, 3 turn-of-the-century stained glass windows, 2 gasolier light fixtures, 5 historic fireplaces, wood flooring, a working elevator, rose pattern shingles in the roof, and of course, a copper Mermaid weather vane over the turret.

The “Mermaid House” is currently listed for sale by Erin Melton, Associate Broker with RE/MAX Peninsula. As the team leader of The Melton Team, Erin is one of the most innovative and successful REALTORS in Hampton, VA. You can find an abundant amount of information about this home at, the areas’ leading niche real estate site. This is not just one of the homes for sale in Hampton, VA, it’s so much more. Some of the unique features you can explore, are listed below:

1. The family of the original owners lived in the house for 70 years! The new owners will only be the 5th owners of this amazing piece of history!
2. In 2013 the entire home was restored from the new roof, new plumbing, wiring, bathrooms, updated kitchen, and a new paint job inside and out.
3. Welcome guests into your foyer through two sets of solid oak 8’ double doors. The craftsmanship is truly remarkable.
4. The “Mermaid House” boasts five custom fireplaces, with unique mantles and brass cover plates etched with ornate characters and scenes. All of the fireplaces are surrounded by irreplaceable Minton swag tiles.
5. Over the parlor fireplace mantel, sits, The Success, written by the original home owners prior to their move to Hampton from Rocky Mount, OH. The Success was published in 1876 by the Library of Congress and will convey with the sale of home as gift from the current owners.
6. One of the principle features of the first floor is the grand oak staircase with lovely newel posts and balustrades. The intermediate landing displays a breathtaking 5’ x 6’ stained glass window with faceted beveled glass, the largest of the 3 in the home.
7. The master suite is a perfect blend old world style and new world sophistication. Relax in the claw-foot double slipper tub or jump in the spacious, glass enclosed shower before you jet off to work or play.
8. The walk up attic, with plank flooring is spacious and holds the home’s most unique feature, its very own turret.

Prepare to step back in time and own a piece of American history. This is the home that everyone admires and holiday memories are made. Call The Melton Team today to become owner number five of the “Mermaid House”.

About the Owners:
Brian and Kelli Fort are only the fourth owners of the Mermaid House. They completely renovated the home in 2013, expecting future grandchildren to visit them there one day. Naval duty called otherwise, and so they hope the Mermaid House’s future owners will enjoy the home as much as they have for the past decade.

The Risks of Cloud Computing

The Risks of Cloud Computing

Keep your IT agile and eliminate cloud computing risks with Cloud IBN
CloudIBN today highlighted on, how enterprises can mitigate the risks associated with cloud computing.
Cloud computing proffers organisations the ability to trim down onIT infrastructure cost. It will also allow enterprises to focus on increase in innovation and will help them streamline processes. This can bring in advantages like very satisfied customer, more reliable backup and increase in scalability. It has tremendous benefits to offer to the IT industry but along with it comes few risks and security concerns.
Cloud computing have a lot to offer to the enterprises, but along with it there will be new risks and security concerns. As IT services are contracted by an external provider, so there will be a great need for changing the control approach and more defined governance to ensure flexibility and security.
Cloud is an off-premise infrastructure where users outsource their data IT service to a third party. This actually means users are giving their data to someone else to look after. Here it becomes a trust issue. Cloud providers will try their best, by performing all updates as well as maintenance for assuring security.
The downside is someone else is responsible to keep your data safe. Like all other solutions, you will have to decide the level of risk with which you can deal comfortably.).
Enterprises must adjust their procedures and policies and plan effective strategies like data masking to mitigate risks and address assurance issues when it comes to cloud computing. For many organisations, the challenge is maintaining right balance between mitigating cloud security risks and keeping the enterprise nimble.
Nevertheless today cloud computing offers greater security as compared to past. More over the centralization of the IT services that comes with cloud leads the overall system towards greater stabilization of processes and also makes the implementation of protective measure easy.Actually the small and mid size organisations can expect higher level of security as their IT services are handed over in the experienced hands.
Companies planning to enter into cloud must design a criteria catalogue defining their protective goals and security requirements. This will prove to be a solid security concept while operating and migrating IT services.