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Kanchenjunga Trek

The Kanchenjunga Trekking is arranged in the north-eastern area of the country and common for its wide extents of pleasant points of view here and there the ways. In the midst of the voyage, one gets the ponder points of view of Mt. Kanchenjunga – the third most vital mountain on the planet close by Drohmo, Nupchu, Jannu and other connecting peaks. In like way, the trek empowers unfathomable opportunity to witness presumably the most delightful and scarcest researched mountains on the planet. Kanchenjunga is the rapidly creating background trails in the country and has been pulling in big business vigorous trekkers from all completed to capitalize on it’s splendid gloriousness. The courses in the trek are complete of trademark delights which cross through remote valleys, old towns, snow topped lakes, ice sheets, pleasant trails, woods, et cetera. The extraordinary component of the visit is experiencing Lapsang La Pass (5,180m), Mirgin and Yalung Glacier. The Kanchenjunga territory is in like manner one of the untainted trekking trails in eastern Nepal as it was opened for trekking just from 1988.

Majority of the residents in Kanchenjunga are Rai, Limbu and Sherpa. A segment of the huge towns of this region are Mamangkhe, Yamphuding and Thorpu town. As you move extreme to the Kanchenjunga base camp at the tallness of around 5000 meters above sea level, you will find different tea houses or lodges to give settlement. Lodge on the mountain is not an issue yet rather the sustenance is an immediate aftereffect of no course of action of transportation to pass on it up the mountains. Kanchenjunga is one of the nation areas in Nepal, an especially withdrew bit of the Himalayas. Transportation to and from this locale takes up to 3-4 whole days. Thick rhododendron and bamboo forests, towns with out of date history and striking point of view of a segment of the world’s most raised mountains; everything unites to impact the Kanchenjunga To base Camp trek one of its kind. A 35 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and two or three hours extensive drive will take you to the starting phase of this camp trek. Attempt begins once you accomplish Taplejung. After Taplejung is a long and strenuous walks around the most remote parts of the world. A permit is required to trek to this area. Slightest two trekkers and a concierge or a Nepali guide is vital to accomplish this trek. Lapsang Pass is the best point to reach with ascent of 5,160 meters. Known as the ‘five fortunes of snow’, Mt. Kanchenjunga is the second least climbed mountain among the 14 mountains more than 8,000 m. However that does not make this trek any less hypnotizing. Frankly it will rather end up being an unmistakably the best thing one will anytime keep running over in life. Kanchenjunga trek does not have a basic course with unpalatable trails the separation from base to the best and there are a lot of myths about the mountain and the entire area. While a couple of individuals believe in those stories, for most by far of them, it is on this ground makes the whole attempt worth a visit. The most recommended course is Pangpema the north course of Kanchenjunga base camp trek. Not at all like diverse treks, this one is altogether limited in the midst of winter season in perspective of absurd nippy atmosphere and uncommon remoteness.


A special Restricted Area Permit (RAP) is required for visiting the Kangchenjunga region. This permit requires that you have a registered guide and a party of two or more. The fee is US$10 per person per week up to 4 weeks, thereafter US$20 per person per week, and this permit must be arranged by a trekking agency in Kathmandu.

You also need a  Kangchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA) entry permit which costs Rs2000 (approx US$20) per person. It is possible to buy this at the Police Checkpoint in Taplethok though much easier to get beforehand in Kathmandu.

Annapurna Panorama Trek

Annapurna Panorama Trek is a short and captivating trekking goal on the
planet renowned Annapurna district of Nepal situated in the Western
piece of the nation. It is one of the few trekking agendas in the
Annapurna locale of Nepal. As Annapurna district is exceptionally famous
among both local and worldwide visitors, it stays swarmed for the
expansive piece of the year as the greater part of the sightseers come
here to encounter the experience of trekking in Nepal. Getting a charge
out of the normal touring on the planet well known district of Annapurna
is yet another energizing prospect of the trekking.

The all
encompassing perspective of the Mountains including any semblance of
Mount Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Mount Langtang, among
others, and the abutting settlement zones and towns of local people
additionally some different features of the trek as recommended by its
name. The meeting trekkers will likewise have the opportunity to look
about the lifestyle of the general population living in the district and
furthermore their social viewpoint. The trail additionally goes through
meagerly possessed settlement territories, through the nearby towns,
the general population and their indigenous culture. The word Annapurna,
it is accepted, begins from the Sanskrit word signifying ‘goddess of
the harvests’.

The direct Annapurna Panorama Trek
starts from the wonderful city of Pokhara with a drive or flight from
the Capital city of Kathmandu. The most extreme elevation the trekkers
come amid the trekking is around 3200 meters. It is the height of Poon
Hill. The trail goes through conventional towns of Gurung, Magar,
Thakali, and different groups. The friendliness and warm attitude of
local people of the area is another fascination of the trek. The most
fitting time for Annapurna Ghorepani Trekking is amid the long stretches
of September, November, March and May. Be that as it may, it can be
played out all round the year.

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Equipment List of Nepal Trekking

Nepal trekking plan has prepared the  list of  required items that  supposed to bring for your trek in the Himalayas of Nepal. This is a general idea of the personal items but can be varied according to your needs, choice, interests, duration of the trip, weather condition and so on. The most important fact that is that one should have enough clothes to tackle the cold weather in the Himalayas. Most of the heavy items are carried by porters or yak in a package treks but you should carry your day pack  with your personal belongings of daily use  like money, water bottle, rain gear, camera, sun cream and toilet paper etc. So you are supposed to pack your belongings in two different bags. The hotels in Kathmandu are safe to keep your non-trek items which can be collected after the trek. You can easily hire or buy these gears in Kathmandu. The varieties of gears are found here  as some are locally manufactured and comparatively cheaper  and some are manufactured in China with better quality. You can also find very high quality branded gears in famous stores in Kathmandu. Our policy is to provide 1 porter for two trekkers to carry your luggage and should have weight limitation of approximately 25 kg from two people. So we always suggest you to travel light. Here are the list of some essential things for your trekking in Nepal.

Anti bacterial hand wash:-  Hand wash is needed in every places before your lunch, breakfast, dinner ans if you are taking some snacks, chocolate bar, nuts and so on  in the trekking trails. It is a very quick & easy  way to be safe from bacteria and prevent you from health problem.

Basic First Aid Kit:-  Please click  our FIRST-AID CHECKLIST bottom for more information.

Binoculars:-  This is optional for trekking but it is recommended for jungle safari and bird watching. You can notice various wild animals and different species of birds clearly and closely with binoculars. In trekking also it is useful for the close views of Himalayas, glaciers, lakes and scenic mountain views.

Camp Shoes or Sandals:-  Camp shoes or sandals are useful after a long day hiking when you rest at your camp or teahouses to make feel your feet with cool Himalayan air. You feet will enjoy the mountain air after a day long hike.

Diary and Pen:- Some of the people have habit to note what they see, what they eat, who they meet and so on. So that it is good idea to carry these things  with you which is not easily available in the mountains. You can prepare a wonderful travel stories if you note your travel experience for future memory. Writing travel note might be the best way to kill your time when you will be waiting food in tha warm dinning hall of your teahouse/guesthouses.

Down Jacket:-  We strongly recommend to have your own  Down Jacket  but Nepal trekking plan also supply complimentary down jacket which supposed to be returned after completion of your trek. You can easily  hire or buy Down Jackets in Nepal. Various quality starting from local made to branded  one is available in different stores in Kathmandu, Pokhara, even in Namchebazzar(shortly).

Face and Body Moisturizer :- These items are needed to make your skin always in good condition weather you are trekking in the Himalayas or walking in the dense forest of the terai region.

Feminine Hygiene Products:-  Feminine hygiene products are not easily found in the himalayas. We recommend to carry the products which is familiar to you body. Some of the local products might have side effect to you so we always suggest to bring or buy such products which is well-known to you.

Fleece Jacket or Pullover / Thermal :-  Fleece jacket or pullover is needed to keep your body warm. It is normally used  at night while you will be sleeping. It can be used as inner wear in early morning  hiking,  day hiking in winter season, high mountain passes and evening time  which is comparatively more cold period.

Fleece Wind-Stopper Jacket:-  Wind stopper is required in early morning hike and evening hike for sunrise and sun-set view.  Morning and evening time is more windy in the mountains. It is recommended to carry it in your day pack with you as certain wind might blow in the mountains even in day time.

Gaiters :- Gaiters are useful in high mountain passes to make your legs warm from snow and protect from leeches in the monsoon season.

Headlamp :- Headlamp is strongly recommended in the Himalayas trekking. The bathroom is out of you room in the mountains so headlamp is very useful to find the place in the time of loadshedding (power cut). Make sure to bring extra batteries and that they are lithium batteries so that they will last in the colder temperatures.

Hiking Boots: – We always recommend to buy good quality waterproof  hiking boots to suit for your trek. It is hard to get a good one in rent.  Make sure that your hiking boot is good  fitting with layered socks to avoid the blisters.

Hiking Pants / Shorts :-  Please note that cotton is not recommended. Some pair of nylon hiking shorts which is quickly dried . Preferably  two pair of trekking paints with   zip on/off at the knees so they double as shorts. One pair of shell peanuts, which is  Waterproof / breathable, Gore-Tex or equivalent is best. It is easy if  zip from the top and bottom to put on over boots without getting undressed.  Put your clothing in waterproof stuff or large puncture resistance plastic bag.

Hiking Socks :-  we recommend to bring some pair of liner socks, some pair  of heavy weight socks to be worn over liner socks and  at least a pair of weight sock which is good option for warmer parts of the trail.

Puncture Resistance  Plastic Bags:-  to put your clothing and avoid any problems from rain.

Lip balm / Sunscreen:- A string taped to the stick is helpful, to hang around your neck and some are now being sold with a cord already attached. Handy as it avoids you from having to stop and look for it.  Put sunscreen in the outer layer of your day pack.

Monkey Cap or Woolem Hat:-  To put your head warm enough in the cold.

Mosquito Repellent Gel:-  Mosquitoes are expected  in the low mountain hiking in and around Kathmandu and the southern part of Nepal known as terai. Anti- Mosquito creams are very essential in that areas.

Multipurpose Soap: –  A soap can be used to wash your hand, body and clothes if required.

Musical Instruments :-  Optional items to carry. Music helps you to forget your fatigue in the trails and pass your time in the evening.

Reading Book :-  Optional items to carry.  You have plenty of time in the evening before dinner if you have a habit of reading or enjoy it. Some books related Himalayan journey might be good option.

Sleeping Bag :-  Your own 4 season’ sleeping bag is strongly recommended, but Nepal trekking plan  also supply complimentary sleeping bags which supposed to be returned  after the completion of your trek.

Small Mirror:-  Optional item to carry if you wish.

Sun Hat:-  To avoid sunburn.

Sunglasses:-  100% UV protection with side shields and a hard-sided storage case. This is to protect your eyes from the stronger rays of the sun due to the thinner atmosphere which can cause a painful condition known as snow blindness. Regular sunglasses are not sufficient. If you wear prescription glasses, speak to your doctor about prescription glacier glasses, perhaps with transitional lenses.

T-Shirts:- Some pair of  comfortable t-shirt.

Tissue / Toilet Roll / Toiletries  :-  Very essential items never forget it.. Put these items in your day pack which is carried by yourself.

Tooth Brush / Paste :- Very essential items never forget it.

Travel Game:-  Optional items to carry to pass your time on a long bus ride , airplane  and evening  free time.

Trekking  Bag / Duffle Bag :- Nepal trekking plan provides a duffle to be shared by two trekkers in fully  supported trek. This is carried by our porters.

Trekking / Hiking Ploes :- This is helpful foe keeping your balance and protecting the knees on descents.  It can be bought in Kathmandu  as well if you don’t wish to carry.  There are various brands  and different price. Select which suits your requirement.

Trip Map :-  Optional items as you will be looked after by your guide but of course more helpful to know in details.

Water Bottle :-  Mineral water in available in every guesthouses . But purifying your own either by boiling and filtering or by using purification tablets is cheaper and doesn’t produce plastic waste. You can also purify water by using the pocket-seized Steropen, which uses UV light but requires a battery.

Water proof Jacket :- One pair of water proof  jacket is highly recommended in trekking or even in touring in Kathmandu or other cities.

Wet wipes:-  Put this item in your day pack as it might be required anytime

Is Shifting with Packers and Movers Beneficial or Not?

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